SEO Statistics Analysis

Starting Statistics

It is important to know where you started from so you can effectively measure your progress and success. I would consider creating an Excel Spreadsheet so you can track your website statistics on a weekly to month basis.  Statistics you want to track are as follows:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Page Rank
  • Home Page SEO Relevancy (% format)
  • Inbound Links – Keyword and General
  • Internal Links – Keyword and General
  • Search Engine Rankings (Top 3-5 Search Engines)(Any Number Of Key Phrases)
    • There are two ways to test your search engine rankings: 1) Google Analytics and 2) conducting website searches. When you conduct a website search it is important to make sure you website cache has been cleared prior to searching. Once you begin your searches, test all general, exact, and relevant keywords and key phrases. For example:
      • If you own a Cake Bakery in Boston, MA these would be SOME of the phrases you would test when conducting a ranking search:
        • Cake bakery
        • Boston cake bakery
        • Ma cake bakery
        • Boston, ma cake bakery
        • Bake bakeries
        • Boston cake bakeries
        • Cake bakeries in ma
        • Cake bakeries in Massachusetts
        • Cake bakeries in boston
        • Bake bakeries in boston, ma
        • Special occasion cake bakeries
        • Cake shops
        • Cake makers
        • Cake makers in boston
        • Cake makers in ma
        • Cake makers in Massachusetts
    • As you can tell by the above partial list, there is a lot of different possibilities. This is important however to consider when you choose the keywords you intend to target. 
  • It is important you also keep track of WHO is coming up. If you know who is coming up, you can look into why they are coming up. If you know the WHY, you just figured out the HOW. Things to look for:
    • Do they have more relevant content?
    • Has there website been up significantly longer than your website?
    • Do they have more inbound links?
    • Is there Meta Information more relevant than your meta information?
    • Is their website code cleaner than your website code (by W3C standards)?

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