Meta Keywords And Key Phrases

Meta Keywords And Key Phrases

There are a lot more to keywords than just finding words and phrases with the most monthly searches. Consider this your keyword lesson section!

  1. You need to think like a customer! What would they be searching for to find your business? What need to they have that your product or service can meet?  Write down a list.
  2. What keywords and key phrases are your competitors coming up for? Write down a list.
  3. What keywords and key phrases do you want to come up for? Write down a list.

Now you need to find an accurate keyword tool. The most well know free keyword tool available is run by Google (AdWords): Take the lists that you compiled from the above tasks and enter them into the search box. Once you enter them all in (on separate lines), hit the “Search” button. It would greatly benefit you to learn more about the Google AdWords Keyword tool so you have actual and current statistics for your searched keywords and key phrases.  This is where the real work starts.

Compare the keywords and key phrases you entered in to the ones that come up. This may give you more keyword and key phrase ideas or it may assure you that you made the right keyword and key phrase choices. With either the original list you had or the new list you created, write your keywords and key phrases down in order of “most searches” to “least searches.” On the top three search engines, search for all of the keywords and key phrases (individually) on each search engine. If the websites that come up for each individual keyword or key phrase include your competition, or are relevant to your company/product/service, put a star next to it.

Next you need to find relevancy between your keywords and key phrases. Keep in mind: you have multiple pages on your website and each page needs a separate set of keywords and key phrases! Once you have found relevancy, assign keywords and key phrases to specific pages on your website. Your homepage should contain keywords that best represent your overall company (what you do/what you sell) BUT each page on your website needs to contain keywords that exactly match what that page is about.

Keyword and key phrase research and placement is an art. Some people are good at it, some people are great at it, and some people are amazing at it. Keywords and key phrases help with Meta Information, content generation, URL generation, and more. Keywords and key phrases are the basis of your website development and online marketing efforts. Choose wisely!

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